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This method is based on memorizing by images and mnemonics.

The Multiplication table is recommended for children aged 5+

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Times tables for 2
Times Tables

The course “Multiplication Table in 3 hours” helps to memorize difficult numerical material with the help of comprehensible objects and situations.

Times Tables

Visual content, interesting cartoons create “memory pegs” in child’s memory. It helps to revise abstract facts easily.  That’s why this course will be helpful for even most active and inattentive pupils.

Times Tables

Music and sounds get children immersed into the action and intensify the natural process of memorizing.

Times Tables

Thanks to our special trainer app your child already after a week of practicing will know all multiplication facts in the numbers, not using images anymore.


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I am confident in my Course and that it will work for most children, however I realize that there are cases where a product just might not be a good fit for a family or student. So if you are not satisfied with your purchase of the Course, simply send an e-mail to me [email protected] within 30 days of purchase. I will send a full refund, less the expenses on currency exchange.

The whole educational material is on Facebook platform, in the Private Facebook group.

Multiplication table

6 video lessons with animated characters:
1 lesson – principles of multiplication,
4 lessons – multiplying by 0-9,
1 lesson – division.

Multiplication table

Printable worksheets for training:
10 pages + 6 pages with special games that will help to manage division too at the same time.

Multiplication table

Online trainer:
9 types of games to study characters’ stories more closely, 720 drills to automate the skill of fast multiplying and dividing.

Multiplication table

My personal online support in Private Facebook Group with any questions concerning the studying process.
Unlimited access to course materials.

Multiplication Table in 3 hours programme

Video: Preparation for multiplication

 min     description

00:40   What is multiplication?

01:42 ⠀ Math problems

05:34 ⠀Getting acquainted with factors

09:38 Brain fitness

10:55 ⠀ Minor characters

19:55 ⠀ Homework

Video: Multiplying by 0, 1, 2


 min    description

00:45   Stories “Times table for 2”

05:00   Recalling stories on your own

08:10    Brain fitness

09:33   Solving the equations

12:17 ⠀  Stories “Times tables for 0 and 1”

14:14 ⠀  Solving the equations

16:22 ⠀ Homework

Video: Multiplying by 3 and 4


 min    description

00:36 ⠀Stories “Times table for 3”

05:04 ⠀Recalling stories on your own

08:03 ⠀Solving the equations

10:22 ⠀ Brain fitness

11:11 ⠀   Stories “Times table for 4”

15:35 ⠀ Recalling stories on your own

17:48 ⠀ Solving the equations

19:23 ⠀ Homework

Video: Multiplying by 5 and 6


 min    description

00:37 ⠀Stories “Times table for 5”

03:48 ⠀Recalling stories on your own

06:53 ⠀Solving the equations

08:32 ⠀Brain fitness

09:35 ⠀Stories “Times table for 6”

12:51 ⠀  Recalling stories on your own

16:04 ⠀ Solving the equations

17:34 ⠀  Homework

Video: Multiplying by 7, 8, 9


 min    description

00:43 ⠀Stories “Times table for 7, 8, 9”

04:44   Recalling stories on your own

06:50 ⠀Solving the equations

08:16 ⠀Brain fitness

09:20 ⠀Solving equations timing yourself (all facts)

10:35 ⠀ Homework

Video: Division


 min    description

00:43  What is division?

01:33 ⠀The inverse operation of multiplication

04:32 ⠀Preparation for division

06:27 ⠀Brain fitness

07:02 ⠀How to solve the division equations

10:07    Solving equations for speed training

About me

Author of courses in mnemonics and fast reading.
Teacher, couch. Certified trainer in eidetics, mnemonics, fast reading.
Trainer of exercises for brain “Brain Gym”

  • I remember how hard it was to memorize multiplication facts in my childhood. It just didn’t work. I almost cried every time I had to learn it.
  • That’s why now I help children to complete this task with fun and pleasure
  • I created the course so that your child really wants to do it
Svetlana Solovey

Author of course

About me

Author of courses in mnemonics and fast reading.
Teacher, couch. Certified trainer in eidetics, mnemonics, fast reading.
Trainer of exercises for brain “Brain Gym”

  • I remember how hard it was to memorize multiplication facts in my childhood. It just didn’t work. I almost cried every time I had to learn it.
  • That’s why now I help children to complete this task with fun and pleasure
  • I created the course so that your child really wants to do it
Svetlana Solovey

Author of course

Is it true that it’s possible to learn multiplication table in 3 hours?

That’s true. At private classes children were able to learn the table in 2 hours practicing for 30 minutes a day. One extra hour is left for solving extra drills and practice the skill to multiply. In reviews at the bottom of this page you can read how fast children learn multiplication by our video lessons.

My child tends to be impatient with studies and hyperactive at times. Will this course work for him/her?

Yes, for sure! This course is focused on children who might have troubles with studying. Bright pictures, animation, change of activities, involving a child in the process attract a learner’s attention.

Can I get the videos to my e-mail?

No. The materials and videos are copyright protected. Please, look through the contract offer on this site.

Why is the course placed on Facebook? What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

I decided to place the course on Facebook to have a chance to contact parents and children more closely. You’ll need a Facebook account to work with the course. Contact me by chat on the site, I’ll be glad to assist you

Thank you, Svetlana, for your wonderful course. Before passing it my son couldn’t learn the times tables, it was a total disaster. We used different methods. With your course we studied without any tension only when he had a wish to. It was so fast and easy!

Thank you again and good luck to your future pupils! I recommend this course to everybody. You don’t need to spend much time sitting down and studying with your child. He will study on his own with pleasure. Parents are always happy when a child enjoys the studying process and it works well, especially because it’s in a playful way. Best wishes, Galina.

Galina Lazarenko

That’s a cool method to learn times tables. We learnt all the facts in just 1 week even though my son has troubles with memorizing things, like 2+5J. Now he can multiply and divide really fast. The school teacher was very surprised. It’s a must course or all children!

Marina Riznichenco

We are satisfied with the course or 100%! My daughter learn the times tables on her own, I almost didn’t assist her. I was surprised she right away memorized the facts in random order!

It’s easy to memorize numbers by images. She got interested in the stories and memorized them easily. The online trainer app is a real treasure for modern children. It’s easier to get them involved in something through apps than just giving them a pen and a sheet of paper.

So she didn’t complain, procrastinate or refuse from learning, just enjoyed the whole process. Now she just keeps playing in the trainer app at times. “Times tables in 3 hours” is easy and cool!”, said my child. In my childhood I remember crying over it and studying those columns of numbers over and over again. As a result now I remember the times tables only in a certain order…

Julia golyk

Svetlana, we’re very thankful to you for our wonderful holidays! Yes, exactly, holidays! We thought we’d have to study it all summer. With your method our 6-year child learnt times tables in 1 week spending around 5-7 minutes a day. We split lessons 2 and 3, thought he might get confused.

BUT! The result was beyond our expectations. His classmates couldn’t manage to learn even half of the times facts, but my son learnt the whole table! Just in 6 days spending a few minutes every day. Just playing and having fun. Now he just trains sometimes with the trainer app timing himself.

Also it’s very convenient to study division with the same method of yours. It’s easy to understand even for small kids.


It’s a cool system. I didn’t want to write my feedback until we get it. So my 7-year-old child learnt the whole times tables in 5 days (we made a break for one day because we had a family party).

The last days I started to suggest our son to sit down for learning the table, I thought he would resist, it was Saturday, many other interesting things to do. But he was happy to do it! That’s amazing!

I had never heard before that studying multiplication table might be fun. Some of the stories we exaggerated to make them even funnier.


In summer our attempts to study multiplication by 2 and 3 failed. My son could memorize one column of facts and at the same time was forgetting the second one. With the course it was really fast up to 9 at once. We needed to study up to 12 and we made up our own stories.

He’ll still need some time to train more and automate the skill and recollect the result without the stories. But now there’s something to recollect! It’s more effective than to add in your head every number.

Thank you a lot!


Hello! Thank you for the course “Multiplication table in 3 hours”. We passed it with pleasure getting high quality skill. We haven’t watched the last lesson about division yet. But the results we got were already enough to start dividing using memory.

Thank you for this interesting approach, the way you present the material.

Best wishes, good luck with your new projects!

Maria Honina

BRILLIANT, as always!!!! Multiplication table in 4 lessons × 20 minutes!!!!

The question from a child: «Why don’t they teach us at school that way?» — Because she does not work there. Svetlana Solovey, you should become a minister to bring down this old education system.

This is a unique, brilliant course, as well as you. Everything is clear, nothing redundant, the child does not have time to get bored in 20 minutes, pauses are at the very moments when they needed, the result is a bombshell!!!

THANKS!!!! I advise everyone!!!!

Ann Panteyeva

“Multiplication table in 3 hours” is the coolest and funniest training I’ve seen in my 20 years of working at school.

If you still harbour doubts, try!!! You will never regret it!!! I checked it on my students, nephews and even not my students. It’s amazing!

This year my 2nd grade pupils will learn the times tables only by this method.

Actually, I use all the mnemonic and speed reading teaching resources by Svetlana in my work, because they are fun and efficient. I will always be grateful to Svetlana for her incredible work. I appreciate and respect you!!!

Galina Vovk

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